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St.Anthony Catholic High School



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Community Sevice Information

Community Service Information


The Director of Mission & Ministry or Religion Teacher must pre-approve these activities before community service begins. Because these hours should be viewed as a way of contributing to our greater community, it is recommended that students follow the 60/40 policy. This policy states that 60% of all community service performed must be completed off campus at a non-school sponsored event or project and 40% of the hours should be completed on campus. This may be averaged to 15 hours per year to be completed off campus, 6 hours to be completed on campus, and 4 hours to be awarded for each mandatory community liturgy the student attends.

• An explanation of service, service hours, and the 4 Year Service Plan will be presented during an advisory class in the fall.  Students will complete and sign their High School Service Plan. See below for description.
• Students are required to obtain their community service hour forms from the Director of Mission & Ministry, Religion teachers. .

• Students should submit their completed service hour form to the Director of Mission & Ministry or their Religion teachers as soon as it is complete so that their hours may be properly recorded in RenWeb.
• Service records will be updated once every two weeks on the RenWeb service account screen.
• All service hours forms must be submitted to the Director of Mission & Ministry or their Religion teachers within two weeks of completing the service project for credit.  If late, credit will not be awarded.
• In the spirit of volunteerism it is important to state that ALL service must be completed without pay.
• Work submitted for a profit-organization which does not have community service as its purpose may not be counted toward a student’s service requirement.
• No credit will be awarded to students who complete service during the normal school hours unless pre-approved by the Director of Mission & Ministry or an Administrator.
• Service Hours will not be given for assigned Saturday School.
• Service credit will not be given for things you normally would do for your family, grandparents, etc. Example: helping your grandparents clean their kitchen, helping your parents with the dishes, yard, etc.  These things you do out of love and dedication to your family.
• If the minimum requirement of 25 hours is not met by the first school day of May (first school day of April for seniors) of the academic school year, the student will be placed on Service Probation. Please see description below.
• If the student is on Service Probation and does not complete the required service hour requirement a parent conference will be required.
• Students may not receive community service hours for assisting an athletic team as a manager, water boy/girl, videographer or bookkeeper. These positions are considered to be members of the team and, therefore, do not fulfill the service requirement.

Service Probation will be given to a student who has not met the minimum requirement of service hours for any year during the student’s academic career. The student will have until the first day of school of the following school year to complete the deficient hours including an additional 10 hours that will be assigned. If these hours are not complete by the first day of school, a parent conference will be required. If a senior student has not met the minimum requirement by April 1 of their senior year, they will not receive a diploma from St. Anthony Catholic High School and will not be allowed to participate in any graduation activities as determined by the administration including the end of year senior retreat.

The four year service plan was created to assist students with their understanding of the purpose for their community service requirement. At the fall advisory class, each student will be presented with information on service, be given a list of service opportunities, and complete their 4 year plan. Students will sign an agreement stating that the requirements have been discussed, are understood, and will be complete by the required deadline.