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St.Anthony Catholic High School



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Prayer Project by Kendall Stafford

student work based on a chosen craft and prayer focus

October 25, 2016       Make-up as Prayer 



Foundation = Fatih: 

The base of your make-up is foundation. This is like the structure of people's faith. It can also be a reminder of baptism since it is the start of the whole process.


Concealer = Prayer: 

Prayer can help us to cover up the dark times in our lives.


Setting Spray = God's plans: 

God can set in place what he has in store for you. God knows what is going to happen through

the end of time and beyond. Setting spray is the last part of your make-up. 


Sponges = God's help: 

With God, you can blend all the bumps in your life and make your life smooth. 


Highlighter = Hope: 

Hope makes your face glow and also helps you to see the bright side in life even if something bad happens. 


Prayer Project by Kendall Stafford

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