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St.Anthony Catholic High School



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Discovering Prayer spiritual words of wisdom--Fall 2016

December 15, 2016



Fall 2016 Class: 


1.  Your prayers are enough. 

     Prayers are found throughout all of our daily tasks. 

     Prayer doesn't take long.

     There is no such thing as a flawed prayer. 

     It is important to pray daily and not only when you need or want something.

     Be creative with prayer. (It makes it more fun) 

     Prayer can be a physical activity that you do, like running or playing a sport.

     It can also be found through the arts; Music, poetry, drawing, etc. 


2. People often just pray in times of need.

   but it's meant for yourself and others around you.

   you should never pray with the words "I need" or "want".

   It should also be with thanks or even just asking for forgiveness. 

   Be thankful and always try and thank God daily for blessing you.

   You should also just focus on the good in this world and leave the worries to God.

   God will take care of you and has many great things in store for you.

   By letting God in your life the worries are no longer a worry.

   Sometimes just let God takeover and he will lead you to the right path to follow.

   When you do this, you are not just helping yourself but you are also helping the ones around you.


3. Life has a purpose don't lose sight of what matters.

    Always keep your head up.

    Always keep God first in your life.

    Everything is possible with God.

    By putting faith into God, you leave your problems and worries up to God.

    God has a right for a wrong.

    Don't allow evil to influence you in ways that God wouldn't allow.

    Do what is right not what is cool.

    Together with God is the strongest companionship.

    God is always by your side.

    Pray for those who have less because they might feel alone in the world.

    Treat everyone nicely, you don't know what they are going through.

    Pray for good to flourish and for evil to wash away,


4. Fear no evil.

    Always be open to one another.

    Don't be a follower.

    Be a leader.

    Never be distracted.

    Be grateful for what you have.

    Spend more time with your love ones.

    Do what your instinct tells you is right.

    Focus on your goals.

    Today may be tough, tomorrow may be tougher, but it will be a beautiful day.



Discovering Prayer spiritual words of wisdom--Fall 2016

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