Jean Avila

Jean Avila is beginning his fourth year teaching at St. Anthony Catholic High School, where he teaches Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Human Genetics, Forensic Science and Personal Finance. He previously taught high school Anatomy and Physiology and eighth grade Integrated Physics, and Chemistry Honors at Cornerstone Christian Schools. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He has been married to his wife Maureen for six years and has two daughters, Charlotte and Catherine. They also have a nine-year-old Maltese-poodle mix by the name of Lulu. When not at SACHS, he can be found sketching, playing, reading and learning with his daughters and spending as much family time as possible “before they grow up too fast.” He appreciates that at SACHS, it is a small but tight knit community that has the opportunity to connect on a personal level. “It is the sense of family that I love about our school community.”