Gabriella Rojas

Gabriella Rojas is starting her second year with St. Anthony Catholic High School. She teaches Photography, Photojournalism, Digital Design and Fundamentals of Computer Science. She taught art at an elementary school in San Diego, California before coming back to San Antonio. She has a degree from Facultad de Artes Visuales, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, in Mexico. She also serves as the yearbook advisor and enjoys having the opportunity to get to know everyone and record every picture, moment, and event. She is an adventurer and loves taking photos of her four fur babies. “What I love about SACHS, is my work family, my colleagues, they are an amazing support system that goes beyond the classroom walls, they are friends, they will pray for me, listen and give me advice. At all times I know that someone is thinking about my well-being, together with our little ones, they make our workday a wonderful thing.”