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International Rates and Fees


Immigration regulations require students entering on an F-1 student visa to give proof of their financial resources to cover their educational and living expenses while studying in the United States. St. Anthony requires international students to pay all tuition and fees, including the insurance fee, at the beginning of the academic year or semester.

The following chart indicates the amount, based on residence, for which you must provide evidence to be issued a Certificate of Eligibility (also known as the I-20 form for F-1 students).

Costs, Academic Year 2019-2020:




Tuition & Fees



Health Insurance



Room and Board



ESL Program Fee (optional)*



Total Expenses



*ESL Program Fee will only be assessed for those students who are determined by the on-campus ESL placement test to require additional support in the English language.

New applicants will also be assessed a $285 application fee. Applicants who submit their application after the July 12th, 2019 deadline may also be assessed a $100 late fee. To submit the application fee or pay the late fee, you may contact the Business Office at (210) 832-5639 or pay the online fee here.

Proof of Financial Support

Funds may come from any dependable source, to include: personal funds, immediate family, scholarships, fellowships, or sponsoring agencies. You will need to submit a bank statement, in English, showing evidence of adequate funds. In addition, you will need to submit the St. Anthony Financial Support Worksheet form below, using the monetary amounts shown in the table above.